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Preparing your Caravan for Travel in the Australian Outback

Who doesn’t like to travel on outback roads in Australia? Answer is simple no one. Because driving your caravan when you go for outback Australia holidays is an ultimate adventure. However, you must prepare your camper before hitting the road.

Here are few important steps to prepare your caravan for travel in the Australian Outback.

Get your Caravan Serviced

Before going on a long trip, the best advice is to get your vehicle serviced. You can start it by checking oil level, and replace fluids of radiator, power steering, transmission and windshield if not up to the required height. Also cleaning your caravan from inside and outside is important part of general maintenance.

Special Arrangements of Caravan

Caravan has numerous components that need maintenance to stay in good condition, so to prevent your caravan from breaking down, make sure to check these parts before beginning your trip.

  • Screw, bolt and nuts
  • Vehicle’s exhaust system
  • Suspension and shock absorbers
  • Battery and its fluid (Also place an extra battery)
  • Vehicle’s lightning system


Tires are vital to driver and passengers’ safety, and comfort. It’s vital to check tires condition and ensure you carry adequate spares with you before leaving for travel. Other than that, tyres in good condition boost the fuel efficiency, whereas underinflated tires are certain to waste fuel. Therefore, you should tire pressure every 1,000 miles that can vary depending on the length of your trip.

First Aid Kit

In order to get prepared for emergencies, take precautions and put a first aid kit in your caravan.

Other than that, put extra water, food and blanket that you can use in a case you are stuck in middle of your journey. Placing a torch and a match box to light a fire can also be helpful during night.


By following these tips, you can surely make your travel in Australian outback safe and sound.

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